Thursday, April 2, 2015

Moments In March and the Edges of April

1. I have a lingering urge to buy a cow head. A cool, metal one. I want to mount it somewhere majestic in our house. It'll be awesome, I just know it. Because The Husband spent his childhood milking cows. So this would be the perfect homage to him. Get it? Yah, he totally doesn't get it. He's so narrow minded sometimes.

2. If I can't have a cow head, I might just paint the whole house white. It's all the rage in the decorating world. White walls, white kitchen. By the time I get around to it, the fad will change. I'm sure of it.

3. This is what happens with Child #2 when she's in a car and bored:

She's texting and laughing all at the same time. You know what's even funnier? She got stuck like that and couldn't move. I almost peed my pants with joy.

4. Target is making a move into craft heaven. I'm serious. I mean, they used to have a piddly little lame section that was kindof crafty. But the other day I stumbled on an isle that is legit craft goodness. Ribbons, wood, etc. I almost had a seizure right there in the aisle. I had no idea Target could get any more amazing.

5. A new mantel. Of course.

This is the most minimal it's ever been. Rather weird for me. I'm not a minimal kind of decorator. If you want to download the print that I have framed, you can find it here.

6. The Baby Child cut her hair. 8 inches of her golden locks. Donated.

7. The other day I went on a walk. The entire time I made a list in my head of all the ways I'm weird. I walked for 40 minutes. The list was long. Here's a snippet: I hate, I mean hate, talking on the phone. I also hate having long conversations over text message. So, pretty much, I'm lame if you want to communicate with me. And guess what else? I eat chicken schwarma (Mediterranean food) almost every weekend. I would eat it even more if it didn't make me look like a crazy person.

8. Child #1 has declared that, "Senioritis is a real thing." She's done. With all the things. High school is now giving her physical pain as she walks it's halls. I've tried to warn her that real life is just on the other side, and it ain't much greener.

Welcome to a new month, my friends.
9 more weeks until school's out. Bless it.

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Stamp With Linz said...

I am so itching to paint my walls too! But I was thinking cream with white accents. I'll do that and you get the cow head. We'll call it even. :)

PS I've never had chicken shwarmalarma or whatever you called it. I don't even know what it is. Guess who's the weird one now?