Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wait For It...

Child #2 hates, and I mean hates, getting her picture taken. I don't know if it's the standing still part or the smiling part. But she loathes them. So of course, that's golden material for me. I make/force/blackmail her into pictures all the time. Her torture is my joy. It's the mothering circle of life. Or maybe just payback.

Last Friday, Daughters #1 and #2 had a dinner theater performance. Renaissance style. The oldest was completely in character, poised and all that good stuff. Child #2 looked like she'd rather be getting her body waxed than standing there. At one point I think I noticed she hadn't even combed her hair. Nice.

Que the picture taking! I warned her before the event that she couldn't change her costume until I had snapped away to my heart's content. My words went something like this, "So help me, you will wait until the show is over and I will take your picture. If you don't cooperate, I'll cut off your hair while you sleep and shape it into woodland creatures." See? I can so totally be motivating.

Against all power of her self control, she took pictures.
First with the Baby Child.

I told her to "Knock it off!" So, she gave me this.

And then this.

And then I whipped out my firm, ugly voice.
And she settled down.

By this point, she is in full melt-down mode because I'm making her wait for her sister. She is literally jumping up and down with a silent scream. She even took the sleeves off her dress in an attempt at disrobing. Oh, and this was after she had hiked up her dress all the way to her bra so she could get her phone that was tucked into the waistband of her yoga pants. Just keepin' it classy.

Really, the whole family knows of her hateful picture taking ways.
And we relish every bit. Especially when her sister kissed her.

But then, oh and then, Child #1 got darn stinkin' irritated.
Can you tell she's yelling at her to "Stop it and smile!!!"?
My entertainment just jumped up 5 levels.
And she's still holding her sleeves.

So, she kinda tried. Just so she could be done with the whole thing.

And once again, I had to use my outside voice to get it done.
Have I ever mentioned this child is exactly like her dad?


May your season be filled with lots of picture taking.
You know ours will.


Kevin said...

I totally cannot understand why she doesn't want her pic taken. She is stunningly beautiful! You and Todd made some beautiful girls.

Stamp With Linz said...

I love this.