Monday, December 15, 2014

Gifts All Around

You guys. Listen. There's something wrong with me. And I can't pinpoint what it is. I feel like I'm circling around the answer, but it still eludes me. This happens to me sometimes. Well, lots of times.

I think it's the season. This one we're in. There is no Joy in the World because mothers everywhere are too flippin' busy. Ya know? And that just makes me a little crazy. And impulsive. There's an itch under my skin to just bust out and be a rebel. Like, oh I don't know, buy myself something completely ridiculous that I can no way afford (am I the only one who ever gets that feeling?). Or, not go grocery shopping and let the masses fend for themselves! Oh, that's a good one.

There is a frenzy in the air to get all the gifts and make sure they are the right gifts. And then you've gotta make sure each child's pile of said gifts is "balanced" with all the siblings. And when I buy the one thing I think they'll love, love, love, they decide they no longer want it.

When you break it all down, Christmas is the weirdest holiday. I'm totally not kidding. Because, let's be honest, we don't make it matter in the right ways. We don't. True, we make it matter. Just in some ways. Not always the most important ways. Don't you see?

And all of it, All. Of. It. makes me jumpy. At times, it makes me feel like I'm losing my ever loving mind. And that can't possibly be the point. Not at all. So, what is the point? The real one?

Maybe that's the secret. Maybe, if I could find that, I wouldn't feel so wonky and rebellious. Or maybe, those very things are trying to steer me in the right direction. The one that points more toward Jesus and less towards online shopping. That direction, that path, feels so much more calm than this one we hop along until December 25th.

I think there might just be a way to live on both sides of this season. Because, truth time, I love buying stuff for my family. Seriously, I love it. I go overboard every year, and I don't even feel bad about it. But there's peace buried in there somewhere. It matters the most, that's probably why you have to dig to find it. Maybe that's why it becomes such a gift.

Because gifts are awesome. And so is family, and so is merry and bright. It's all just wrapped up together, looking the same, but not being the same. I guess it's just up to us to make sure we take the time to unwrap ALL the gifts. Not just the ones we worked so hard to buy.

'Tis the season, people. I say we live it up. We give gifts and also take time to receive them. The material kind and the Jesus kind. They both matter. Just in different ways.

May we have the eyes to see and hearts to know the difference.

Let's do something rebellious today :)
Joy to the epic World!