Monday, February 3, 2014

A Debut, Uganda and A Bathroom (with picture overload)

She arrived. That girl of mine.
The cast arrived. Those amazingly talented teenagers.
And they were spectacular.

Who knew that a show about gambling and love could be so entertaining?

Especially when delivered by a group of regular kids who are trying to keep up with their homework while barely awake. But thriving on using their talents doing something they love.

It's extraordinary. And beautiful. All at the same time.

And this is a "Just Because" picture.
How much longer will I get to stand outside the stage doors and wait to just hug her tight? I feel the time running away like water.


Do you remember my bathroom with a vision?
The one I wrote about here? (and you can find link to the dots and the original art)
Well, she's finished.
And Ya'll, she's lovely.
Feel free to stop by and tinkle in my polk-a-dot potty room.

On a funny side note-- The frame I used for my awesome watercolor used to hang in my brother's bedroom. It's one of those cheap, looks-like-wood-but-isn't-wood frames. It had some inspirational football quote hanging in it. I'm pretty sure I "borrowed" it from my mom's house over a year ago. I hope she doesn't notice.


If you have any free time this week (oh, the luxury!), please read about my favorite writer who went to Uganda with Compassion International.
Here. Here. And Here.

But, be prepared.
It. Will. Move. You.

I'm trying to figure out how to win the lottery or rob a bank so that I can sponsor at lest 100 of these beautiful children.

I made the mistake of letting Todd The Knight In Shining Armor read them.
He wants to fly over there and scoop them all up and bring them home with us.

I'm terrified of flying. But these children would have to power to get me on a plane.

Read about them.
And if you have $38 a month to spare, send it their way.
Together, we could change a world.

Doesn't that sound like a mission worth taking?

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