Friday, October 4, 2013

Links That Matter

I don't usually talk about God and faith and religion. Sometimes I skirt around the topic or brush over it lightly. But I've never walked through the heart of it. Not here in this space, anyway.

I'm not sure why this is. Because God and faith and religion, are the truest parts of me. Maybe I'm afraid to set the words free that talk about these things. Maybe I just have to trust that you'll take what I'm offering and hold it as if it were your own.

I'm a Mormon. Have been all my life. And the truth of what I believe are the threads that weave my soul together. It makes up the foundation of who I am and how I see the world. I'm pretty sure that's the way Faith is supposed to work. No matter where you go to church.

And today, I'm giving you a talk presented by someone of my same faith. This talk is life changing. Truly. It is the most personal and powerful speech I have ever heard.

His Grace Is Sufficient

I want you to listen to it. It's long. 32 minutes, to be exact. Find the time to watch this. Quiet time. Because you need your whole heart to be present for these words to move you.

It doesn't really matter what church building you park your car at on Sundays. The God I pray to is the same as yours. Faith is still faith, across the board. And this man, Brad Wilcox, teaches all of us how God's Grace fills in all the flaws and cracks and gaps and makes us whole.

Some of the lingo, or phrasing, might be unique to the LDS religion. (If you're curious about any of that, you can find more here.) But the Lord's saving grace is given to every one of us. Every day. In all the ways we fall short. Please take the time to listen to this talk. It will help you to see the truth of who Jesus is and the power He offers to heal your soul.

And then, because I haven't given you enough homework, I want you to read this:

Being Less and More

Edie is one of those women who speaks, and I listen. She (and many others) are writing for 31 days. You should follow along.

Last but not least, my favorite author and her newest book. Mine arrived on my doorstep yesterday. No one moves me the way her writing does. She too teaches about Jesus and Faith and Being Enough and offering the world a little, or a lot, of who you truly are.

If You Desperately Feel You Have Nothing To Offer

Thanks for indulging me this week.
Enjoy your weekend. Take the time to remember who you are. And more importantly, to see the person He created you to be. Click these links and fill your soul up to the brim.


Pam Curtis said...

I love listening to Brad Wilcox. I always go to his classes at BYU Ed. Week. He also went to Victoria, Texas to do a youth Conference, my oldest daughters' first! At TOFW, I was talking to him about James. He gave me his book on the Atonement to give to him with a special message written inside for James. I finally gave it to him in August, knowing he'd finally read it? He is loving it! I sent an email to Brad about James mission call and impated James comment about the book in the email. He emailed me back right away and we ended up sending emails back and forth for a few minutes. He's such a personable person and he especially cares about the youth of the church and future missionaries!

Pam Curtis said...

Correction - "And included James comment about the book in the email."