Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Director

From my seat, I had a direct sight line to her. She sang. I watched. And she made my heart smile. The performers were a region group compiled from auditions. They were gathered and taught by professionally trained, university musicians. A breathtaking performance to hear.

But, as I watched her, I soon realized that the choir director also stood within my line of sight. I found myself watching the way her hands moved to lead each portion of the song. Sometimes her arms stretched wide, and at other times she brought her hands low and close. With each movement, the singers responded. Their eyes were trained on her and it felt as if her directions pulled and softened the music from within them.

Not once did she need to speak her directions. Not once did her student's eyes leave her motions. She guided them and they followed. And the result was inspiring. Something to tuck away and hold near.

I have wondered since that concert about Directors. I've come to see that there are many different kinds, not just the ones that are musically gifted. Whether I like it or not, I'm a Director. These children of mine watch and follow. What do my actions pull from them? Where exactly am I guiding them and will they trust me enough to walk that path?

We are each a Director, in our own way. We carry a role only filled with our unique training. Eyes are on us. Voices are following. My soul believes that the only way to know our true course, is to follow Him. He who is our original Director. He who guides and walks beside. If we watch Him without wavering, if we see His instructions with purpose, then, and only then, will our music ring true.

Find your Director and let Him mold you into your own. Lift your arms and stretch them wide. Be the Director you were always meant to become.

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Eric and Amy said...

I saw a sticker on someone's car the other day I thought you would like ...

"I am a mom.
What's your superpower?"

Love it! Just had to share.