Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving To Do

I'm a list keeper. It's the only way I can keep my brain from exploding. I write it all down and for some obsessive reason, I'm driven to check items as complete. My kids are home for the next week. Add in the weekends and you get 9 full days of sibling bliss. I'm so excited, I'm nauseous. Thank heavens cousins arrive in a couple of days.

Thanksgiving To Do List:

1. School program where I spent 90 minutes ironing costumes. Check. Cutest pilgrim. Double check.
2. I refuse to stick my hand in a turkey's privates. It's just not proper. I've convinced my sister to cook the bird. Check.

3. Last week I thought about making really cute, coordinating place card holders. But today, right this very minute, I've decided that I'm just not that kind of mom. Paper plates and cups will have to do. If you're lucky, I'll use a sharpie to write your name on your cup. Check.

4. A few days ago, my mom strongly suggested that Thanksgiving dinner be held at my house. I disagreed and told her I'd leg wrestle her for it. I'm hosting the feast. Discussion over. Check.

5. I recently sent an email to my family members dishing out assignments for the holiday. I informed my brother that he was in charge of the nature hike where we could all enjoy God's bounteous gifts. He has yet to respond. I'm sure it's because he hasn't finished mapping out the route and the various bird species along the way. I better check on this.

6. Just tonight, I checked in with Todd to make sure that he is taking off work for at least 2 days this week (I'm campaigning for 3). My throat got dry and I shut my eyes real tight when I asked. I wanted to prepare myself just in case he said he could only stay home for 1. Check.

7. I'll hit the grocery store tomorrow. So far, Coke and Hershey Bars are the only things on my list. I will probably add whip cream, Reese's Cups and Excedrin. Stocked pantry. Check.

So much to do and so little time to get it all done. But, there is one thought that keeps me going....pie, pie and more pie. Check.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the list- pretty close to mine- you just need to add sweet potato casserole to the grocery list :)

Anonymous said...

Great list. I know you will get it all done and more! Hope the holidays are great for y'all
Two of Wades brothers (Logan and Cameron) and their families are going to be with us....for 5 days. 11 kids, four adults, one pregnant lady. oh, it's gonna be great!

Anonymous said...

P.S. The pregnant lady is not me!!!!

penny said...

Lisa, I would give just about anything to be at your house this week. It would bring me great happiness and probably "fix" me for awhile. You crack me up. Don't change...EVER!!!!!

Nancy, you are just as funny. Loved your P.S.

I think the 3 of us need to hang out.

Becky Leland said...

I know y'all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving together!!!

Queen Of The Castle said...

I love Thanksgiving - It's not at my house and I have sister that makes pies to die for. So Im pretty good. Hope your day is great - Thankful we are friends!

The Webb Family said...

I like your grocery list... :)

Joy Hollingshaus said...

I keep trying to convince everyone here that we need to go OUT for Thanksgiving dinner. Want to join me???

Christy said...

She really is the cutest pilgrim ever!