Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Burdens I Bear

Sometimes it's hard to be me. Truly. My physical appearance gives not the slightest hint to the weight of the burdens I carry. My angelic smile and Mary Poppins-like disposition mask the hardships I have been called to heave. It's daunting.

Weeks ago, Mona (my sister's aunt-in-law) and her family came to visit the twins. We all hung out. We ate dinner together. We laughed and had a good time. After visiting my house, Mona commented to my sister, "It must be hard having Lisa as a sister." Emily stared at her in confusion. Then Mona continued, "You know, she's just so perfect." pause for dramatic effect. I think my sister did a snort/laugh at that moment and replied, "Huh....good thing we're not competitive." I quickly called Todd to let him know I'm perfect. He laughed so hard he almost swallowed his tongue.

Being perfect is quite the mantle to carry. It's hard. Not everyone is up to the challenge. But alas, I solider on in my quest to heave my burdens around while trying to look pretty at the same time. Again I repeat, it's so hard.

I've thought about all that makes me perfect, which translates to all the burdens I bear. It would take many counseling sessions to discuss the entire list, so I shall just name a few:
  • My eyelashes are so long it's hard to wear sunglasses. They brush the lens every time I blink. It's so extraordinarily difficult for me to find sunglasses with a perfect contour to shape around my eyelashes. Just thinking about this makes me tired.
  • When I lay down on my back, my boobs actually look concave. They look like they are growing in the opposite direction. I have boobs inside my chest instead of on the outside. Finding a bra to fit that is near impossible.
  • I have given birth to children who are kind and well mannered. Just the other day, Makell stood over me and said, "You have something in your hair. I think you have lice."
  • I have a mother who buys me stuff. Amazing stuff like this:

The cuteness takes your breath away, doesn't it? She showed up at my door with these jems yesterday. She then had the audacity to pile even more on top of my "perfect" burden--she told me that I should buy an 'unusual and totally cute' new pair of shoes EVERY. MONTH. and she would pay for them. I had to sit down and rest after I heard that. It's been a full day now and I've let that tidbit sink into my brainwaves. I'm ready to carry forth.

Can't you just feel the heaviness of my burdens? Can you grasp the scope of all that I am asked to do? Let me state again, it's so hard to be me. Being perfect is a lifelong journey. One in which I keep trudging along....in the world's cutest shoes.


Joan said...

Shhhhh! Your not suppose to tell everyone about the shoes every month. Now your brothers will expect a pair of shoes every month.

Anonymous said...

SHOES. EVERY. MONTH!!!!! That you don't have to pay for? Are you freaking kidding me? I wear a size 8. Maybe every other month you could buy a size 8 and send it to me. It would be selfish not to share. A perfect person would want to share!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really needed that read- smiles do a body good, and giggling is even better! You ROCK!!

Tana said...

Do you want to trade boobs? Or Mother's? which one? You chose!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Stop it. I want your mom to be my mom. p.s. did Emily tell you that I'm coming to visit? Get the cupcakes ready.

Becky Leland said...

your Mother is coming to my house in 2 weeks and she and I along with Wanda and Tena are going to Charleston, SC - I know there will be CUTE shoes to buy!!!!!

love love love Charleston!

Christy said...

I only know what it feels like to be a Burdin.... get it? I'm so funny.