Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop Calling My Name!

OK, so here it is--why, oh why, for the love of all that's holy, do my kids yell 'moooommmm' ALL. DAY. LONG!? Seriously, why? And they never say my name in a nice, sweet voice. Ever. It's always yelled across the room and drawn out. Again I ask, why? In all these weeks of summer, not once have I heard my name said in a respectable manner. Not once.

Nothing good ever comes after the 'moooommmm' is yelled. It's always accompanied by a whine, complaint or a ridiculous request. Two days ago Addie sat on the couch and S.C.R.E.A.M.E.D my name until I got out of the shower. When I asked what was wrong, she said she wanted me to fetch her some panties. I simply stared at her in disbelief and walked away.

Why don't they ever yell 'daaaaaddd'? Even when he is standing 5 inches from them, they still find the need to yell 'mom'. Again I repeat, why? It's not like I answer them or coming running to their assistance. I either ignore or yell at them from another room. So, do they yell my name as some sort of threat to the sibling they're with? Or is it simply to punish me for being a stay-at-home mom who vowed never to yell at her kids and always speak kind words with a smile? Which is it, I'm sorely confused.

A friend of mine is in the process of moving, so yesterday I took 5 of her kids for the afternoon. Count 'em up people. That means I had 8. I heard my name yelled so many times I almost pulled out my duct tape. And each name calling came only from my kids, not the other heavenly 5. I was murmuring about this at dinner and Todd looked at me and said, "just ignore it." I stared at him just like I stared at Addie when she wanted panties. I almost reached over and popped his head right off. Not kidding.

I think we should hold a contest to see which mom is the first to ever hear her name said nicely. What do you think? Odds are, it won't be me.


Boog said...

Perhaps it was all those days cooped up in the car.

Word to the wise, my mom uttered these words once after hearing mom one too many times. "My name is not mom, it is Betty." From that day forward she has been Betty and not mom.

Anonymous said...

I know a girl who got so frustrated with hearing "Mom" that she made here kids call her JOHN WAYNE. (Seriously, they called her that all the time) Anything sounds better than Mom.
While we were in Amish country I saw a lisence plate that said MOTHER SUPERIOR. How do I get my kids to start using that one??

Anonymous said...

Ok, I want to be in the contest- what would the grand prize be?? A week away on an exoctic QUIET deserted island?? That'd be nice, especially waving some other mother off to her destination! But then again, if there are kids that don't do the "mooooommmmmm" thing, then why would the dear lady need some quiet? Let's just take her prize for her :) Done! I'll meet ya there and bring Maggie- she can't say "moooommmmmm" yet :)

Tana said...

I say that MOM is a three letter word and you wash there mouth out with soap unless is can be properly spoken like a good child. Just like on Mommy Dearest.

The word verification says pasive. Spelled wrong but what do you think that means?

Simpson Family said...

AMEN, SISTA...to every part. Now would you PLEASE go get your daughter some panties?

Joan said...

After 38 years I still hear my oldest say "moooooom". The worst is when you, (Opps I meant to say she) says m o t h e r in a very stern, I'm not happy with you, voice.

Boog said...

I know this a little out dated, but I saw this the other day and instantly thought of you. Perhaps this will help bring you out of your pity party. Perhaps not, but worth a good laugh.