Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 States In 11 Days

We've finally reached the promised land. Well, that is if the promised land is so hot it feels like you could burst into flames. On the bright side, no more driving. Todd and I just might walk everywhere we need to go for the next few days.

When we add it all up, we have driven a little over 2,500 miles in the last 11 days. That's a lot of togetherness. A. LOT. Before our journey even began, I was convinced this was going to be a suicide mission. Now that we have returned home, I realize it was a whole lot of fun. If I'm being honest, all the togetherness, and even the moments of craziness, were joy.

Our trip was too much to post all at once, some snip-its I can't even put into words. Over the next few days, I'll post glimpses of what we did each day. All in all, it was 11 days of exploring, sharing and fun.

Days 1 and 2

We drove through Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and reached our destination in Kentucky. Car travel forces creativity. When you're licking a giant jaw breaker, you simply can not speak or fight with your sisters.
Can you see their happiness that we stopped driving and stayed in a hotel? Why is it that hotel swimming pools bring more joy than regular ones?

On the morning of day 2, we had a quick trip to Walmart to remove a nail in our tire. When I thought Addie was walking back to the tire center, I actually found that she had hunted down a police officer to grill her with questions. "Do you have a gun?" "What is jail like?" "I haven't been to jail yet." Did you notice that she used the word 'yet'?

Kentucky brought us to wonderful friends, the Powells. The moment we arrived at their house, it felt like we didn't really live states apart.

Madi and Sam together again. True friendship ties you together, no matter the distance between you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! I'm thrilled to see the rest of the days :)

Anonymous said...

Sniff, Sniff.....come back!!

Queen Of The Castle said...

So fun to see good friends together again. We miss both of your families. It looks like a fun/exhausting time.

Edwin and Rebecca said...

Yeah...your back.

Tana said...

That is beautifully put. I love the jawbreakers and I will be using that my next road trip and I think girl's camp too.