Saturday, July 25, 2009

Palmyra, New York

Day 5

What an amazing day. I never imagined that I would have the chance to bring my family to this very spot. It was surreal. We all seemed to soak in our surroundings and feel the Spirit whisper, "You stand on hollowed ground."

This is Joseph Smith's home when he was a boy.
The Sacred Grove lies just beyond Joseph's home. Walking through the Grove brought me emotions I can not place into words. It was completely still and peaceful. Every tree, rock, leaf and even the air we breathed felt sacred.

Our family being together in the Grove brought unexplainable joy. For a small moment it felt like a glimpse of heaven.

The whole clan assembled just outside Joseph's home.

On the top of the Hill Cumorah. The hike to get here is quite steep. It gave me such an appreciation for Joseph knowing that he had to work so hard just to get to this spot.

A view from the top of the Hill Cumorah. At the base is the stage and seating for the pageant.

Waiting in our seats for the Hill Cumorah pageant to begin. This production was a depiction of stories from the Book of Mormon. It was so exciting and thrilling to watch. I think our family was even more excited that we had to wear jackets!! The Houston heat was easily forgotten during our trip while the temperature remained in the high 70's in the day. Evenings were in the 60's! We basked in the coolness.

Makell, Addie and Josh with some of the Nephite dancers from the pageant.


Kristin said...

What an awesome trip! I didn't know you were going to get to visit all these Church History sites. I look forward to taking our family on such a trek in a few years.

Shauna said...

I found you!! I'm so excited! I'm friends with your mom on facebook and she mentioned your blog so I thought I would come and take a look! I love your blog! You are hilarious! I have read more than several of your posts and have discovered we have some similarities! Desserts for one(love them), exercise for another(don't like to exercise), and the fact that you Love sending your kids to school!!(I am the same way and if one of them ends up staying home from school for one reason or another, it really puts a kink in my day. :)
You have a beautiful family! Sounds like you had a fun trip to New York. I want to do that some day! I know how you feel about Facebook so I won't tempt you by telling you that you should sign up! :) Take Care!
email: passeyclan@yahoo.com