Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Economy Is Pinching Me

The economy is crazy. Don't ya think? Crazy. Or, maybe it's not the economy, it's just me personally. Nah. Can't be me. Right? Definitely the world at large.

I've had to start making sacrifices. You know, because of the economy. It's been really hard finding creative ways to cut back. But being the genius that I am, I've found small ways to try and save money. Deep thinker--that's me.

I've had to cut back our Oreo intake. I know, I know, so painful, but a necessary sacrifice. Each person can now only have 8 cookies at a sitting instead of the requisite 10. deep breath, trying to save money. We are now only buying happy meals ONCE a week. more deep, cleansing breaths. I'm even gritting my teeth and stretching out my time between haircuts. Now I get a cut every 6 weeks instead of every 5. Good heavens, the sacrifices I am called to make are almost too much to handle.

Just the other day, Todd told me he needed to buy some new pants. I stared at him in disbelief. He went on to explain that he has basically been wearing the same two pairs of pants over and over. I had to put my hand up and stop him mid-sentence. I opened my eyes real big to get his attention and then spoke to him in slow, clear phrases. "Do you NOT see the sacrifices we are making around here? Do you NOT see me cry a tear when I can only ask my mom to pay for a pedicure every OTHER month!? Come on. Pants? Be real." He didn't mention it again after that.

All of my penny pinching sacrifices have led me to a most creative solution for my kitchen chairs. Again I repeat, I'm a deep thinker. See, the chair legs kept scratching my new wood floors. It was making me angry. I spent endless amounts of money on the little furry pads for the chair legs. They fell off, they wore down too fast, blah, blah, blah. More anger.

While I was at the Hobby Lobby (only buying things on sale because I'm trying to save money), I thought of a most brilliant fix for my chair woes. Felt and ribbon. Anything that involves ribbon is right up my alley.

Ugly, scratchy chair leg before makeover:

I cut out a circle of felt and secured with uuber cute ribbon:

So darn cute! My chair legs now look like they are
wearing ruffles. What a fashion statement:

With all the money I saved on this project, Todd just might have enough to buy a pair of pants. But realistically, I'll probably just buy more Oreos. There are needs and there are wants. Good thing I'm smart enough to know the difference.


Kristin said...

You win the prize for most creative (and cute!) chair pads!

Anonymous said...

too too cute!! You are brilliant! Could I get by with this in a house with 4 boys?? :)

Becky Leland said...

your sacrifices are just too much!! and too cute!!!

sturpin said...

so curious if you read Baby Blues -
been thinking of you as I read that comic this week :)

Anonymous said...

You could even change out the ribbon depending on the season! Fantastic!!

Rani said...

I think we've just found a Super Saturday craft! ;) You rock, girly!

Fisherdude said...

I follow your blog several times a week to keep track of you and your Mom, thanx to my daughter fille de tulip. You REALLY, I mean REALLY ! need to publish a book, seriously.

Suburban Hippie said...

You are crafty.