Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carpet Burn Take 2

Addie's handiwork has now crusted over. It's even darker and nasty looking than it was on Sunday. People keep asking me if she fell across the cement. When I tell them that she did it to herself while in time out, they feel the need to give me parenting advice. It's fascinating. Copious amounts of people have decided that I am the reason Addie slid her face across the carpet. If I was just a dang better parent, then she would have sat quietly in her time out.

I have been told that I need a sticker chart for her so that I can catch her in 'good' behavior. I have been told to take away privileges including field day at school and all birthday parties. I have also been advised not to give her the attention she is seeking when she is dragging her face across the floor. Uh...really? Gee, I hadn't thought or TRIED any of that!

Until her wounds heal, I think I'm going to start lying to people. Maybe then the advice will stop. From now on I'll simply explain that this is the kind of injury a person can sustain when living in this house. I think people will nod with a clear understanding. It's a circus over here. One that apparently needs a sticker chart.


Anonymous said...

Girl....I would definately start lying about it! I hate advise.
I firmly believe everyone need a hard kid that abosolutely renders all the parenting books usless. The world would be alot more understanding.

Becky Leland said...

but she looks soooo innocent!!!

Also, she has BEAUTIFUL eyes!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love all that advice!! I've gotten so much over the years- I think our kids are the "normal" ones and everyone else is delusional that they have perfect children! :) HA! Keep doin' what you're doin'- you're awesome!!

wade said...

I had some great advice for you, but I was just reminded that the last time I shared that advice with my wife, she rubbed my face in the carpet so hard that I looked just like Addie - minus the BEAUTIFUL eyes.

So, I think the only logical explanation for Addie's behavior has got to do with Todd. I think this is a natural way for a child to behave when she becomes aware that her so-called GQ father is actually a farmer at heart.

It's all Todd's fault!

One last thing - a person without a full set of teeth told me that a trip to Kentucky with the family in the summer of 2009 could cure it all. Just sayin'.