Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sweet Spot

I sat next to her on the church pew. We sang the opening hymn, just like we always do. And I noticed that this song was in the perfect range for her voice. So I stopped singing. Because I wanted to hear just her. Soak in her sound. Knowing that my times of sitting next to her are quickly diminishing.

But her voice. Gah. It gets to me. I could listen to it for hours. So I stole this time to memorize her sound and the way she moves me with her talent.

And it made me wonder. About the "sweet spot" of her voice. That's when she sounds the most extraordinary. Truly. But don't we all have our own "sweet spot"? Mine definitely isn't singing, I'm guessing yours isn't either. Or, maybe it is. Regardless, we all shine in our own way. We all have a place where our pitch is perfect. We really do.

So, let's celebrate our uniqueness. Mine definitely doesn't look or sound like yours. It's not supposed to. We were meant to be different. Combined all together, that's where miracles happen. And just the goodness of regular life. You be you and I'll be me. In all the notes that we hit or miss, our rhythm is our own. On purpose.

I don't ever want to miss you when you're singing your best. And really, best is right where you are today. In all the ways you're getting it wrong and also doing it right. That's your best. Mine, too. So let's be sure to hear one another. To soak in each others sounds and memorize the beat. Once we do that, we just might make the world a little brighter.

Find your "sweet spot" and sing it. No matter what anyone else thinks or feels. Sing it loud and sing it proud. We were meant for glorious performance. May we always have the courage to offer it.

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