Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm odd. Did you know? In years, I mean. I had a birthday, and now I'm odd. I really hate being odd. Really, really.

It's put me off my game. This oddness. Well, and the simple fact that school is almost out. That little tidbit has sucked away my will to live. Just kidding. No, not really.

I've tried to settle in to my odd. You would think it would be easy, seeing how I face this dilemma every other year. But somehow, this odd year feels even odd-er than normal. I can't seem to shake it.

Maybe it's not my age. Maybe it's me. Could that even be possible? That I'm just simply odd? No matter my age? I don't know. That's a crazy idea that I don't know if I can accept. If I did, I think I'd come undone.

I have considered trying to balance out the oddness. Like, doing only an even amount of tasks each day. Eating an even amount of M&Ms. Washing only an even amount of dishes. That sort of thing. But honestly, that would just be weird. Right? Being weird and odd is just too much to handle.

I'm open to suggestions. Truly. If anyone has experience with being odd, I'd love to know how you continue living. Oh, and if you have tips on surviving the summer with kids who talk back to you, suck away all your money and fight non-stop, I'd love to hear those too.

Who knows? Maybe an even number of people will give me an even number of ideas, and then all will be right with the world. At least the odd part of it, anyway.


Eric and Amy said...

Oh my friend, you are so oddly incredible. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your oddities of life during this next odd year. Just tell your kiddos they are all "odd" all summer long and they'll wrack their brains trying to figure out what you really mean by that. And to survive, get some oddly colored ear plugs and an odd shaped eye mask and enjoy blocking out the oddness that gets thrown your way. Embrace the inner odd ... I have ;).

Anonymous said...

I'm only leaving a comment because you only had one and I wanted there to be an even number.
I bet a summer in Chicago would cure you of your oddness. Can I come too??