Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reason #324 I'm Not A Good Mom

I have cleaned many things in my 40 years of living. Many, many things. Cleaning tends to be second nature for a mom. It's what we do. Even when we hate it.

Yesterday, I decided to be supermom and win my daughter's praise by cleaning her bathroom. Most days, I avoid her area of living on purpose. Whenever I walk in her room I start to itch. She has stuff strewn everywhere and it gives me a panic attack. And I rarely step foot in her bathroom. The instant I do, I feel like I've been struck with Hepatitis.

But, I collected my courage and cleaned. Let me just stop and give pause for dramatic effect... For. The. Love. I can't describe what I witnessed. I will admit that I had to clean the shower twice. Twice! It was that bad. One little bathroom, for one little teenager. One hour. An hour! I couldn't feel my arm after I finished. And I was sweating, which I loathe to do.

So, here's my line of thinking: Have I failed to teach this girl what clean actually looks like? Is she blind? Are teenagers given a higher threshold for living in filth? I can't reason it out. Even now, 24 hours later, and I'm still convinced that I've flunked another 'mom-teaching-moment'.

OK, someone please tell me what I've done wrong. For reals, I need to know. Because something needs to change. I can't go back in there. I just can't. 

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Anonymous said...

Madi's bathroom...the same!! ugh! The fact that she can set her tooth brush down on a counter top that is crawling with filth...so nasty. My new strategy is that I make her do her bathroom once a week (Saturday mornings) before she gets to do anything else. It still won't be "my clean" but maybe it won't get sooo nasty??? I hope it works....