Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bits N' Pieces

There are only 17 days until Christmas. Did you know? I'm in denial. I went to the mall yesterday and spent nearly a gazillion dollars. I left without feeling even the tiniest bit of Christmas Spirit.  Fa, la, la, la, la.

Will it still feel like Christmas when I explain to my kids that Santa is feeling the economic pinch and so he is only bringing 1 present per person this year?


Child #3 told me that I look like Alice. The maid. From the Brady Bunch. Um, seriously?


I was given a lecture yesterday from my kids on why it's not cool to have your mom come in to your classroom when you're in 7th grade. I totally don't get it. Why can't I go in? What's the big deal? I asked what's so embarrassing about me and #3 (again!) replied, "Well, you have short hair and people with short hair creep me out." Children #1 and #2 laughed so hard, they choked.



Eric and Amy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your family. Y'all just make me laugh ... and that's a good thing :). For the record, short hair is AWESOME! And someday they'll be awesome like us. And for the record, someday your children will admit they secretly loved when you came to school but they tried to play like they didn't to keep their cool status. And lastly, my kids' list for Santa this year was OUT OF CONTROL. They seemed in shock when I said Santa doesn't always bring everything on their list. Whatever happened to our el-cheapo gifts we asked for as kids. Now all the "cool" gifts for kids are $100+ just for one thing. Talk about Santa inflation! YIKES!

Anonymous said...

RUDE!!! I love short hair. you don't creep me out!

Jody said...

I teach in a middle school and LOVE it when parents visit my class. Every student HATES it when their parent comes in. However, it's amazing how much it helps! Keep up the great work.

PS. I've always told my kids that Santa send us the bill and we actually have to pay him for the presents he leaves.