Saturday, October 10, 2009


My mom's neighbor dropped by her house to visit the other day. Her name is Roxanne. She's nice. She lives a quiet life. Her husband is retired and works in the yard every day and takes long walks to the store. I believe that they have one grown child. Their house is clean and everything stays in it's place. The only noise comes from a cat and a dog.

My mom and sister visited with Roxanne. She oohed at the twins. After some time, Roxanne made mention of my girls and how "funny" they are. 'Funny' is such and interesting word. Is it funny-cute or funny-crazy? I know the answer, I've just always dreamed of my kids being described as funny-cute instead of the later.

Roxanne gave insightful examples of "funny". She said that my girls will ring the doorbell all the time. Once she opens the door, "the cat, the dog and my husband scatter." Yup. Her exact word. Scatter. She said that sometimes the dog can't get away fast enough before they pounce on him. Poor Charlie.

Once they let themselves inside the house, they just settle in. One of the girls turns on the TV to find Hannah Montana. Another one will grab the laptop and start typing away while asking Roxanne, "Hey, do you have any games? Oh wait....found 'em."

After this information was relayed to me, I asked my mom, "Are you embarrassed?" Her response, "Um....no....I'm not surprised." I bowed my head in shame. My sister laughed so hard she almost peed.

Why, oh, why, I ask myself. Am I somehow to blame? Did they come from heaven this way, or did I create "funny" kids? Again, I know the answer, I just like to pretend I don't.

Scatter. Her exact word.

Therapy. My exact thought.


Quelly said...

I would NEVER scatter when I knew your girls were on their way! I love thier 'funny-ness' just like I love and adore their 'funny' mother.

Does that make me 'funny' too?

Don't answer that.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Scatter! very funny. Oddly enough I try to scattter when my kids come into the room. They always find me though!

Becky Leland said...

your girls are probably the most excitement Roxanne has in her life - that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's so delicious :). We could seriously swap places anf the only differences would be the gender of the "funnies". Everyone at church "scatters" when we walk in-HA! I kid you not!

Tillia said...

Hey it keeps Roxanne young, tell her she should pay you for their services LOL!

And I can hear Emily's laugh right know and I miss her!! Tell her I said hi!!

Christy said...

Your girls are awesome!

Tana said...

I now will be singing....Scatter Sunshine all along your way. But I will be thinking of your girls and smiling...