Friday, June 5, 2015

How We Close It Down

Can anyone tell me why the end of the school year is so crazy busy? Do they do this on purpose? Every May I'm completely baffled at every party, event, concert, awards that I have to attend. We get squeezed out as parents all before summer even starts. Sheesh. And when you have a Senior? Good glory there's so much going on. Summer is going to be a breeze.

Here's how we've wrapped up the school year:

First off. When was the last time you went to a Kindergarten Program? Holy High Heavens it's adorable. I'd forgotten just how precious singing 6 year old's can be. Especially the two I call my own.

And of course I had to hang up obnoxious decorations (that my sister bought!). Because I'm totally like that. Oh, and I gave my kids gifts to start the summer off. My mother bribery to buy their love knows no bounds.

Child #1 graduated from Seminary. Every morning, church class at 5:30 am, for 4 solid years. That's rather epic. So I made her take a selfie with her mother. Because, why not.

Senior Awards where I make her totally stop in the middle of the isle on the way to her seat, and take a picture. She was beyond thrilled. She's graduating in the National Honor's Society and she had completely forgotten she was even a member. Of course.

And then they all stayed home on the last day of school. They asked if they could skip, and I'm a total pushover. So they stayed in their pajamas all day and made food and messes everywhere they went. Summer feels like a long 3 months.

I hope you've survived your own wrap up.
Let the summer games begin.
I may already be tired.

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