Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Believe

I'm a person who believes with full force. Once I have faith in something, it never wavers. I tend to believe so strongly, I try to manipulate persuade others to join me. My beliefs ooze out in every conversation. I just can't help it. I'm like a preacher spreading a message.

I have a tendency to rank my beliefs based on importance. Rankings can change given my current temperament. Although, Belief #1 rarely changes. It's just that true. Nothing else can knock it from that spot. It is this: Sugar can save the world. Mmm. Can you hear the words sing? That's truth you hear.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can change attitudes or actions faster than sugar. Have you ever seen someone eating cake who was angry? I think not. Would your kids like you more if you let them dip their waffle in hot fudge? Definitely. What about terrorists? Could we soften their hearts with donuts? Don't you see- Sugar can save the world.

I also believe in silence. We can never have enough silence. I've tried to find a way to get my kids to stop talking. So far, no such luck.

Pills. I really, really believe in pills. They're like magic in a tiny coating. Everyone should be taking some. I should have been a pharmacist. Truly.

I believe in calling my sister when I'm having a bad day. Why? Because her's is always worse. Always. It cheers me right up. Yesterday, when I was not feeling well, I called her. Her 3 yr. old had just thrown up All. Over. Her. And as she stood up, with barf in her hair, someone rang the door bell. She answered it with throw up covering her clothes. See? Makes your day look brighter. Let me know if you're feeling blue and I'll give you her number.

I believe in Todd's ability to make me laugh. Just the other day, he described a time when he tried out for football. (I know, incredible, right?) He missed the day they handed out play books, so he had no idea what everyone was talking about in the huddle. And, he showed up to the first practice without all the pads on. True story. I laughed so hard I almost hyperventilated.

 My belief list goes on and on. But for now, these rank at the top. What about you? What do you believe? If sugar is involved, I will cry with pride.


Eric and Amy said...

That story about Todd is hilarious. Why does that not surprise me?!

My beliefs? I believe in the power of an amazingly hilarious and real friend. One who has the ability to lift spirits through her written stories. When i sit down at the computer with an enormous pile of to do lists running through my head, my day is brightened when I see you have a new post. I laugh out loud, think deep, sigh with how much I relate. That is just as powerful as sugar ;).

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TODD. He seems to miss the boat alot...My fave story about him at the MTC not knowing the Joseph Smith story!! LOVE TODD!

My list...let me think, I believe in..
1. diet Coke, actually Coke Zero is the best.
2. pills...saves the life of josh on a daily bases!
3. Sleep...I miss it now that seminary has started.
4. Sugar is great, Chocolate is better.
5. New shoes.
6. Pinterest. (pinterest.com)
7. Friends from Texas visiting kentucky. Oh ya, it's happening soon!!